where to shoot?

The new collection is arriving next week !! From Africa, Turkey, India…
It all needs to get sorted and tagged and entered and stored…
And then, it needs to be photographed. I’m still taking the pictures myself, and luckily my years as a stylist are helping in this creative aspect of the Nomadic endeavor.
One of the perks is spending time in a beautiful location…. and which will it be?!!
Here are some pictures from past trips which show landscapes and colors I’m always on the look out for..

Tulum : some mothership looking driftwood

California : Joshua Tree


Madeira, Portugal


This time, Vieques, PR, and Sardegna, Italy, are highest on the list of possibilities.. with Northern California and Montauk, NY in the running, too.
Factors towards decision making involve the obvious natural beauty quotient, current weather, cost of travel+sojourn, and often,
the manifestation of special boons..
I have been graciously hosted and generously aided on countless occasions by dear friends and their families in this whole Nomadic adventure..
They have offered their kids and themselves as models, their homes as both bases and locations, and infinite support and council.
They’ve helped to schlepp, steam, primp, and fold, and have stood struggling to hold many a textile furiously blowing in the wind.. one or two may have even been poked in the eye by unruly driftwood!
Here’s to all those lovely and loving helpers, THANK YOU!