things happen organically in tuscany

Early 1900's weaving machinery at Busatti in Anghiari

While visiting a dear friend in Tuscany just now, I was lucky to bump into a fountain of textile chic. We had spied these bright and elegant striped fabrics in several shops around Arezzo last winter, and this time we came upon the source. Busatti, in nearby Anghiari, was founded in 1842 by Giuseppe Busatti and remains a family run business based on centuries of expertise and artisanship. Their colors are sublime, their workmanship impeccable. Michelangelo Formica of Busatti was kind enough to give us a thoroughly fascinating tour of the venerable Anghiari mill, explaining the workings of the antique machinery and sharing their line of beautiful fabrics.

Eclectic stripes for duvet covers

I was most attracted to the cotton and linen blend striped fabrics, and to the blue cotton oxford-like cloth. I conjured up chic+eclectic bedding in my mind’s eye; fantastically striped duvet covers for big beds, finely striped duvet covers piped in bright hues for kids and babies. And of course lots of shams and pillows.
Samples will be under way soon!

Some pictures of the incredible machinery:

wool machine

Michelangelo explaining the old school processing of wool

Although finding such beauty in my mother country was not really surprising, coming upon it in such a fortuitous manner and being received so graciously by the Busatti company was a real joy. In case you’re wondering, lunch after the visit was had at a nearby family run trattoria and was comprised of 5 kinds of crostini, bigoli with ragu, a splash of local wine, and an espresso!