spring summer 2014 collection ** joshua tree shoot

The first thing we were told when we arrived at our shoot location and four-day-home this past October was; “Check your shoes for scorpions. Oh yeah, and check under the sheets, too!” The next thing that happened was grilling under the stars and a delicious bottle of red. We spent that first evening in Yucca Valley chatting with our host, Tracey Fischer, in her mid-century modern, high desert house. (www.highdeserthouse.com)
We spent the next three days up at dawn and down at midnight, working every hour in the sublime desert landscape. Our usual two-person crew had grown to three. Michael Stratton joined us as photographer.
Yikes! Joshua Tree National Park was closed due to the government shutdown… Miraculously, the neighbors have acres of precisely the same desert terrain, filled with our prickly J-tree friends, and elegant, massive boulders.
We had sunburns and giggles, cracked lips and gallons of water, but no scorpion ambushes in the end.
Here are some behind the scenes shots…

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