Mongolian style Booties

I swooned when I saw them the first time ..

All hand made, with loads of inspiration and in the spirit of high craftsmanship. The man who is working with me in NY on development of new designs, sampling, small batch production, etc., made them back in Georgia – ex-Soviet Union – before coming over with his family a few years ago. He studied fashion illustration at art school, and picked up all sorts of other skills as well. I’m talking with him about how to reproduce them! Black ones with grey copper details. Ivory ones with jute and copper and olive, close to the originals. I’m thinking to look for a sole that can stand up to the city. They will be precious, with 40 hours of work at least to each pair. Taking orders !! Write to us at with interest if you are swooning, too…..MongolianBooties Lasha

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