Healing Art of the Abiquiu High Desert

Suzie Fowler-Tutt is an inspiration.

Here’s to creating and consuming with real purpose and effect.

Her artist statement:

Suzie-Fowler-Tutt is a mixed media folk artist and painter who spends her free time exploring the vast wilderness around her home in Abiquiu, New Mexico USA collecting interesting rocks, sticks, bones and feathers to use in her work as well as infusing pigments with local earth to enhance the power of her representational art.

Suzie immersed herself in the art world once again after a 20-year military career as a Naval Intelligence Chief. Difficulty transitioning to civilian life and suffering from PTSD led to a variety of unhealthy coping measures. Upon hitting rock bottom she sought care and began healing through artistic expression.

Suffering and pain are universal. How one copes with it determines the ability to function in society. Whether expressing a message of hope with her ‘Pathfinder’ series, facing pain in the ‘Lost Souls’ works, or healing by creating ceremonial ‘Prayer Sticks’ and ‘Smudge Wands’, Suzie has found peace in the remote high desert at Studio Rama Seca.

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