FLAX : the fiber of a healthy culture

The story of flax tells us of land and resources used well, of the strongest of fibers and millennia of woven textiles, of the creation of economic value and its historical  shifts, of hands and looms, and generations of people and culture. Once we were aware of the true value of all these factors, and each linen item made from the heritage plant fiber was like a precious gift. 

A natural fiber, the strongest in the world, flax and the linen woven from it are  central to circular design, and highly sustainable in terms of pest resistance, water consumption, and durability and care of final product. The use of natural fibers like flax is crucial when considering that fossil-based fibers fuel systems of overproduction and consumption endangering and de-valuing workers.

It’s time to tip the scales back towards reverence of material and process and away from the mass manufacturing of today. Deceleration. A slowing down of design and culture is the way forward. Fewer things, made well.

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