A Very Good Day 1

Here I am !

In Mallorca, settling in..

My mid February arrival was full of Mediterranean promise, sunshine and palms – a light jacket was enough to walk the ancient streets looking for a new home.  I criss crossed the old town 1000 times, making new friends and contacts along the way, introducing myself to yoga studios, shop keepers, restaurant owners and teams, estate agents, people at cafe’s..

And so it began – one person led to anther and now I have a place, a few colleagues and business projects cooking, and a sense of a new home forming. In fact, some of this lucky chain of events started in a salty blue wave back in autumn when I came to the island to scope it out the first time. A simple moment of joy frolicking in the sea led to an acquaintance who is now my guardian angel on the island – Catin Muntaner is a curious, beautiful soul who has brought me to the bucolic village of Bunyola today to meet her family. And although the weather has turned and the greyest March in memory is underway, the Med still delivers  – the air plants and peonies are gifts from their generous hands and gardens :))))

The sense of discovery, growing community, and little spurts of joy are carrying me – they motivate me to push through the doubts, the “how does this place work,” and “am I going to find my way” questions. A big move creates a particular sort of vulnerability  – a hybrid state of openness and anxiousness. The war raging in Ukraine is adding a level of uncertainty and fear as well, costs rising sharply and unexpectedly, the specter of nuclear danger showing itself. I feel exposed as a single human making my way in the world. And yet I wake up daily truly touched by the agents of welcome and little bits of kismet popping up as I go.

Work is good news, coming to life in a web of excellent directions, all the things I’ve prepared for are happening. I’m very excited to co-produce an event with Open Studio here in Santa Catalina, an amazing textile atelier headed up by a talented and like-minded colleague, Tatiana, who is totally my cup of tea. On May 14 we’ll host ReNew – a day of clothing and home textile swapping, redesigning, refurbishing – with natural dyes, mending, tailoring, and embroidery – a coming together to give new life to existing pieces while connecting and learning from each other. I’ll also lead a workshop for female entrepreneurs on May 11 centered around business and project identity with a bright young woman called Marina hosting, founder of the lovely bookshop La Salina. We’ll get into exercises to clarify message, mission, content, platforms, etc., and step into business networking in the process. This will be a true pleasure as it marks the end of my Playing Big Facilitators Training with Tara Mohr, and my half way mark to coaching certification.

And this … in early summer I’ll be moving into a historic building across the street from the outrageously beautiful Palma Cathedral, creating a conscious salon of sorts – hosting indie designer trunk shows and textile talks, healing music and wellness events, humanistic art and more. This is so super exciting – very special colleagues like Love Binetti and The Plant Lore are in the works from the US and further afield as well as talented local creatives and makers. Thinking of calling it, The Current Mallorca, any thoughts? Drop me a line by clicking here ! 

Last but not least, the Nomadic Web Shop is featuring a very pretty collection of Algerian Berber Rugs. Check back here in the coming weeks for a look at the history and artisans of this slice of desert magic.

Oh, did I mention the Mallorcan and Spanish tiles? Obsessed.

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    Jeremy Tomkiewicz

    Good luck, what exciting news and exciting adventures! And have a wonderful soak in the salty brine of the Med! Cheers from the snowy mountains of Montana!