D&A Green Room NY + LA

Here’s a little tribute to a community-making, business-incubating trade event, hosted by Designers and Agents twice yearly in New York and Los Angeles. Many and gracious thanks for the opportunity. We could feel the supportive energy of the founders and their team, and surely benefitted from their two thoughtfully produced boutique shows.

Extracurricular highlights included:
Mashti Malone’s ice cream shop in LA.
A visit with Oscar, the super cutie pup, who immediately claimed a one-of-a-kind Pisac Manta.
The wild container gardening display at a Bergamot Arts Center Sunday afternoon dance party.

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Back at the LA show, we met Edie Pereira of Specialty Dry Goods and picked up her gorgeous leather satchel. It reminds us of our Basil Racuk Indigo Ombre Paper Bag for it’s deconstructed beauty. We traded one of our ZigZag Ikat Bed Covers with Mandy Kordal of Kordal Knitwear for an eclectic fall “it” sweater of hers. Anita Arze designs an incredibly comfortable and stylish harem pant set which we were happy to trade for a Shibori Kaftan of ours.
Special thanks to Sanae of Sanae Intoxicants for her hospitality around town.

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