Slow Design & Culture Immersions




August 25- September 1, 2024


An eight-day retreat in Fyn & Copenhagen.


Exploring heritage materials with traditional and contemporary makers.





Join us for workshops teaching ancient processes around the deep-rooted, natural materials of flax, wood & wool. With the timeless integrity of Danish design as a basis for our education, we’ll study subjects central to sustainable design. Enter into discussions with local elders and professionals around the intersection of innovation and tradition. Delight in insider visits with slow designers and textile artists. Eat with descendants of Vikings, harvest plants for dyeing, walk the land of Fyn, explore bohemian Copenhagen. Network with us, integrate your learnings, come into the fold.


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Imagine a world where the pace of design, culture,

and enterprise is harmoniously aligned

with the health of our planet.

This isn’t a dream, it’s a necessity,

and many in our global community

are living this reality right now.



Foraging natural dye plants
Harvesting flax
Mordanting and dyeing 
Weaving instruction
Flax processing with ancient tools
Spinning and much more
Learning and practicing with heritage wood worker + furniture designer
In-depth visit with textile artist in residency
Talks on flax in Europe from an agricultural, economic point of view
Experience a 4th generation, working sheep farm and spinnery
Learn about sustainable wool production
Visit to a museum for modern painting, crafts, and design
Copenhagen indie style itinerary including concept shops, flea markets, 
antiques, galleries, and local specialities.


Situated on the Helnæs peninsula in South Funen, the cabins offer stunning views of Helnæs Bay, designed by architect Jesper Thyge Brøgger to blend seamlessly into the landscape. Referencing the local shelters that had been there before, they feature large panoramic windows and floating terraces, emphasizing the breathtaking sea views. Constructed with sustainable materials like reclaimed Flensborg stones and maintenance-free patinated acacia wood, these dwellings resonate with the area’s natural beauty.






Delicious, farm-to-table meals.



As we set off on our journey, we’ll explore the delightful combination of Fyn’s rural allure and Copenhagen’s urban dynamism. Fyn, known as the “Garden of Denmark,” greets us with bucolic landscapes, historic villages, and charming cottages, igniting our creative passion. Then, in Copenhagen, a city where modern design harmoniously intersects with historic grandeur, we’ll delve further into Danish design. Then, in Copenhagen, a city where modern design harmoniously intersects with historic grandeur, we’ll delve further into Danish design.




Canoeing, ornithology, yoga, swimming, and massages available on request.




Per person price starts at $4900

for double occupancy.


$5200 for single occupancy. $5600 for a deluxe cabin.

Includes tuition, accommodation, local transportation, and meals.

Deposit of $750 is due to reserve your spot. Full amount payable in installments. Credit cards accepted. Contact us for room options.


Join us!

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This is for you.

Curator or designer interested in natural materials and process.
Philanthropist wanting to be in community and effect change.
Curious, sustainable traveler.
Maker wanting to refine your craft.
Communicator or influencer interested in sustainability, immerse yourself in the real thing.

Angel investors and business leaders interested in the new paradigm, conscious design and business era. 

Creative seeking community and alternative modes of expression.

Looking back to move forward.

Getting fluent in nimble, authentic makers’ ethos.



The itinerary is ready!  

Email us to make a date for a chat and we’ll share the exciting details.


Our intention is for you to be immersed in this slower paradigm creative process. The retreat is designed not just for learning, but for doing – enabling you to experience, and actively participate in the shaping of our collective sustainable future. Return to your own work, life, and community inspired and activated.




About Us

Slow Design and Culture Immersions are a collaborative venture between Nicole Gulotta of Nomadic Thread Society and Dee Nalam of Guided Seeker.

Nicole and Dee met at a desert gathering hosted by a mutual friend. They started talking amidst ancient boulders and breathtaking skies, and never stopped, the synergy in their callings and ethos compelling them to join forces. Nomadic Thread Society’s work with heritage textiles, slow design, and sustainable culture culminates in this series of educational immersions. Guided Seeker is a bespoke, experiential travel company, facilitating unique and resonant inner and outer journeys.

Both women revel in true collaboration and bring an authentic, mission driven power to their projects.























A NYC native with Mediterranean roots, Nicole Gulotta has found her calling in the Balearic Islands, promoting slow design and culture through a portfolio of bespoke services. Nicole curates independent design and fashion events, working with  local artisans and makers towards product and business development. She produces contemporary, conscious brand activations, bringing of-the-moment decor and clothing to the islands.  In 2024 a series of grass roots sustainability retreats debut, offering first hand education in slow and local culture, design, and enterprise.

Her tree-hugging nature drew her into the deep end of the world’s heritage hand-made sector in 2009, when she founded her lifestyle brand, Nomadic Thread Society.  “I gravitated towards conscious design and business practices from the start, digging into working with artisan textiles in developing communities around the world. Support of artisanship, fair trade, independent design, and sustainability became company ethos. Working from the heart, my business concept coincided with the emerging redirection of global fashion.”

Today she applies her cultural curiosity and activist nature to every project, seeing the world through a creative, anthropological lens.



Dee creates expertly-organized journeys that compassionately guide adventurers into the unknown to find the sacred answers they are seeking about the world and their purpose in it. She founded Guided Seeker to offer a personal, bespoke alternative to modern day travel that reflects the true care, attention to detail and refined taste Dee is known for.

Born in the Philippines and raised all over, from Japan to California, Dee perfected the art of discovering the hidden beauty that is left unseen by most passerbys. In her own extensive travels, she learned how to truly listen and observe the impact of her travel on the local environment and communities. Dee believes that adventure and exploration, if done consciously, can not only connect us to our global, human family but also lead to a soulful, even spiritual journey within. 

Dee combines her natural curiosity, her genuine love of people and her art of travel with over 20 years of project management experience as a concert and event producer, professional photographer, and estate manager. Dee is based in Los Angeles, CA.



Dear you !

Let me tell you the story of how this trip came to be, the product of a multitude of delightful, kismet moments, the kind that have the power to catapult one from their past right into their future.

Ding, there’s a message from a much-missed, favorite producer from my decades as a stylist in NYC. She gifts me her stay (!) at a fabulous, sustainable luxury agroturismo in Menorca when she and her partner have to cancel their trip. I happen to live there at the time, so I go.

Son Blanc Farmhouse reveals itself as a page out of my own imagination – sublime in every rustic chic detail, right down to the textile art installed throughout the place. One morning leaving my room, I spot the neighbors, Lis and Bent, who turn out to be the last living founders of a flax museum in Denmark. They are also mentors to the Catalan textile artists whose work hangs beautifully in the rooms. Wow. I am magnetized to this sharp, wise, silver haired duo, fascinated by the idea of the flax lore and experiences they carry. We talk here and there, make friends, and they invite me to visit them in Denmark.

I go, spending a week with these elder strangers, learning about all they know as locals, teachers, weavers, and artists. The flax that looks like golden hair, the heritage wood working atelier whose entire contents I covet, the diligence of the museum team working the historic weaving machines and demonstrating the use of ancient tools, the revealing conversations with a brilliant contemporary textile artist in her atelier, the bucolic landscape, the lessons of sparing, elegant design every where …

The experience is more than enriching, it’s at once grounding and energizing, it recommits me to a future of slower design and enterprise. I am brimming with enthusiasm at the idea of passing to you the deep knowledge and thoroughly surprising, charming, educational, soulful, authentic qualities that
spring from the places and activities curated for this trip.

Are you with me?!