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Hello!  It’s Nicole, founder and every-hat-wearer at NOMADIC THREAD SOCIETY.

Welcome back, welcome. 

For years I’ve been focused on the most contemporary, fairly-made and traded, fine artisan work.  With a keen eye for the “it” things, I’m a great supporter of global-local sustainable, indie brands.

A new chapter has begun in … Mallorca !

CONSCIOUS DESIGN & CULTURE are what I’m cultivating these days. A very exciting new offering is underway; in-person EXPERIENTIAL MENTORING PROGRAMS for students, sustainable travelers, and angels who want to make a difference in the new world economy. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT services are blossoming as well – consulting for mission driven, indie entrepreneurs, and small businesses in the global handmade sector.


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The JOURNAL is also a good place to peruse for a rolling history of company doings. 

Here’s to bringing you pieces for self and home that reflect ultimate ease, with a little edge and a healthy dose of sustainability. 



MISSION + FOUNDER ~a deeper dive ~                                                                                                                                      

Nomadic Thread Society has been quite the trip.

It sprang from a sandy-footed, seaside chat with a fellow fashion pro on vacation in Tulum 2008. “How’d you get like that?” she asked, a tipsy question aimed at my chilled beach look, kaftan and artisan cloths flowing in the breeze, telling stories of far off lands. 

A year later, I was a company, with a small collection of beautiful heritage textile accessories from India, Kenya, Mexico, UK – and Nomadic Thread Society was off on a 13+ year adventure. Early curations from existing global finery matured to produce collaborative, original designs. Smart lifestyle shops and of-the-moment retailers came knocking – Steven Allen, Malia Mills, Bird, Free People. Vogue, Remodelista, and Rachel Zoe noticed what I was doing. Signature sarong towels, alpaca blanket capes, handwoven ikat maxi-shirts, and eco sheepskin meditation cushions made it into holiday gift lists and bohemian chic closets in NY, LA, London, Sidney, Tokyo and beyond.

I gravitated towards conscious design and business practices from the start, digging into working with heritage textiles in developing communities around the world. Support of artisanship, fair trade, and sustainability became company ethos. Working from the heart, my business concept coincided with the emerging redirection of global fashion.

In 2018 Nomadic Thread Society began to pivot as a company, as passion for style and design turned ever more towards social good through entrepreneurship.  I began to work more actively in support and development of other creative, sustainable, independent businesses  – from artisans, to entrepreneurs to established, mission driven brands. Working with Aid to Artisans in their Market Readiness Program, offering mentorship to budding entrepreneurs through Start Small, Think Big, consulting one-on-one for a roster of bright talent in varied creative fields – I’m looking forward to being ever more of service. LinkedIn

That brings us back to 2022!  In addition to consulting, there are online courses in the works for independent creatives and entrepreneurs created from yours truly’s “every-hat-wearing” point of view. I’m still doing my job delivering beautiful bits to my customers 😉 –  curating special pieces and collections directly from my favorite ethical brands and artisan makers around the globe. You can shop them in the refreshed WebShop. 

Perhaps most exciting of all – CONSCIOUS DESIGN & CULTURE ACTIVATIONS are underway – EXPERIENTIAL MENTORING PROGRAMS whose mission are to activate and educate the sustainable designers, entrepreneurs, travelers out there who truly wish to “be the change.”