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H   F R E D R I K S S O N



It’s so exciting when things come together.

There’s been a lovely synergy with designer Helena Fredriksson since my styling days when she would lend me looks for shoots. We’ve partnered as well over the years with experimental sales models intended to serve our NYC community more synergistically. Of course, I’m a long time customer. Coming together again, Nomadic Thread Society will host an activation for her in Ciutadella de Menorca this coming summer in partnership with the loveliest boutique, Cafe Central, and its savvy owner, Monica Colomar.



A bit about the brand.

“The overall mood of the line is one of time and timelessness, yet the details, silhouettes and design breathe modern contemporary culture. Thru balancing tailored garments with oversized and loosely draped pieces she creates a juxtaposition that is the core of the H Fredriksson aesthetic. With a sense of past and present, the designer’s belief in traditional craft as well as in a future of new sustainable fabric technologies is marked in the mindful fabric choices of the collection. The collection is manufactured in New York City using sustainable fabrics and production methods. The Swedish designer Helena Fredriksson lives and works in Brooklyn where she combines the two worlds into a sophisticated collection which reflects both the Scandinavian aesthetics of her upbringing and the multi cultured reality of living in New York City.”

We’ll have several presentations, shoot her lovely pieces out and about around the island, generally get a feel for customer appetite, and send Helena home a happy camper.

Helena Fredriksson

Monica Colomar

Nicole Gulotta