Daily Archives: March 20, 2022

A Very Good Day 1

Here I am !

My mid February arrival was full of Mediterranean promise, sunshine and palms – a light jacket was enough to walk the ancient streets looking for a new home.  I criss crossed the old town 1000 times, making new friends and contacts along the way, introducing myself to yoga studios, shop keepers, restaurant people, estate agents, cafe-goers..

And so it began – one person led to anther and now I have a place, a few colleagues and business projects cooking, and a sense of a new home forming. In fact, some of this lucky chain of events started in a salty blue wave back in autumn when I came to the island to scope it out the first time. A simple moment of joy frolicking in the sea led to an acquaintance who is now my guardian angel on the island – Catin Muntaner is a curious, beautiful soul who has brought me to the bucolic village of Bunyola today to meet her family. And although the weather has turned and the greyest March in memory is underway, the Med still delivers  – the air plants and peonies are gifts from their generous hands and gardens :))))

The sense of discovery, growing community, and little spurts of joy are carrying me – they motivate me to push through the doubts. A big move creates a particular sort of vulnerability  – a hybrid state of openness and anxiousness. The war in Ukraine is adding a level of uncertainty and fear as well, costs rising sharply and unexpectedly, the specter of nuclear danger showing itself. I feel exposed as a single human making my way in the world. And yet I wake up daily truly touched by the agents of welcome and little bits of kismet popping up as I go.

Oh, and the tiles!!