Daily Archives: April 14, 2021

LIVE Nomadic Shopping Sessions…



It’s simple. I’m still doing what I’ve always done.

Sourcing the most contemporary accessories, clothing, and home goods in the fine artisan sector, along with the smartest pieces from my favorite sustainable brands and producers.

I’ll present them to you LIVE.

Online with Zoom.


In Person in NYC.

!  You’re invited  !

The debut live shopping round will be this May.

You’ll be able to see how things fit, to understand how they feel and how to wear them, and to hear their story directly from me.

Order unique items I’ve travelled the world to find with the finest artisan groups and producers holding down the ever important heritage handmade sector. Receive exclusive online codes to use with favorite sustainable brands, taking advantage of my yearsss of styling expertise and enjoying the perk of a little discount.

Expect to meet your needs for venturing out to dinner, making it to a few outdoor parties, taking a vacation at last, and as always, hanging in beauty at home.

The aim is to breathe life into online shopping, to give dimension and movement to the pieces that so often look just flat on the screen.

It will be my pleasure to style you, to guide you to the smartest, freshest new pieces to add to your repertoire, and to help you cut through all the noise about sustainability.