Daily Archives: September 18, 2014

Shooting in Wonderous Andalucia

Truly a land of gypsies and nomads, at once lost in time and full of history…

Welcome to Andalucia, where the Sierra Nevada rises from the vastness and the locals keep things real.
Farms and mountains dominate, along with great Moorish forts and tiny remote villages. There is a powerful charm found in ancient olive groves, where trees are thousands of years old.

Nomadic was invited to shoot our Spring 2015 collection on a dear friend’s land. Said friend was also our talented photographer. The model was a neighbor, beautiful young Davina. Everyone participated, from Ramon, the gardener, who erected our tipi, to Sofia, Davina’s mother, who lovingly prepared our meals.

As always, an authentic, homegrown effort with loads of vision and love.

spain Alhambra de Granada

photo 2.JPG (1)Echinacea flower

photo 2.JPGTry this! Ummm, no nevermind..


flowersandlightMagic morning light on the land