Daily Archives: November 7, 2013


That’s what the locals call Guatemala.
This past September, I attended a trade show in Antigua – a jewel of a colonial town, all
cobblestones polished with age, giant wooden doors, lush hidden courtyards, and very antique churches looking poetic in total ruins. Antigua has a live volcano for a neighbor: Pacaya regularly puffs small bursts of ash into the air, a phenomenon which in rainy season is best observed in the morning, when there are a few hours of visible sky.. completely enchanting.

The show was held at a beautiful hotel, a refurbished monastery with magical historic grounds and luxuriant spaces. Artisans and small producers from all over central America were present. I met with 5 different opportunities to collaborate in Guatemala and Nicaragua, and I have already begun with elegant, hand carved, wooden bead necklaces, hand woven rugs and belts featuring a smart contemporary sensibility, and hand woven blankets from brightly colored, artful typical textiles..

I will go back.

And I will certainly make time to return to lake Atitlan, where I enjoyed my traveler’s day off! I hung out at a secluded lakeside boutique hotel all morning, chilling and occasionally hurling myself into “the bellybutton of the world,” as the native Mayans sometimes refer to the lake. A truly peaceful, majestic landscape and rich piece of culture to dip into.