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our shoot in tulum!

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On location in Tulum, Mexico in January 2013…
With a team of two happy, beach going, every-hat-wearing, Nomadic ladies!

The team consists of Nicole Gulotta and Jessi Highet; Nicole behind the camera and Jessi on camera. We handled absolutely everything; pre-production, location scouting, prepping, styling, shooting, modeling, editing, etc, etc, etc.. We absolutely had a lot of fun…
Next time we hope to head down with a full, proper crew!
We stayed at Yoga Shala, hung out at Uno Astrolodge, ate at El Tabano, and drank at Casa Jaguar. On our last day, after passing out accidentally on the beach next to a pile of towels, we were able to score a private yoga lesson with the loveliest and lightest of yoga teachers. We were guided to dance like Indian goddesses, in poses we’d never done before, in the windswept, oceanfront, yoga palapa at Shambala Petit Hotel— the perfect end to our adventure!