Inspired to share what I’ve learned – getting the word out.

It makes me truly happy to be able to inspire and facilitate someone on the road to becoming an independent entrepreneur, a solopreneur. It’s a different sort of satisfaction to getting beautiful bits of styling into people’s hands and making them feel special – this is something deeper, the ability to help someone do their own thing, realize a dream… yes.

A friend who’s also been a life long entrepreneur called my service “small business therapy” – rings true.

The series of workshops that I’ve been honing is about getting real.  It’s about defining what needs to be done to operate an independent business of one or a few ; best practices for sales and marketing, financial spreadsheets, calendaring, resources for support, etc., all taking into account one’s size and capacity. There are 4 structured curriculums that address the common areas all entrepreneurs face. I’ve arranged the workshops to be one on one sessions – with a direct focus on the particular situation, business, and founder – you.
It’s what I would have wanted to have for my business – the mentor, direct call, focused pow wow, problem solver – paying attention to my needs and questions specifically.
Next phase will likely be small groups in person, and webinars to follow, along with digital downloads – it’s clear to me that some may be drawn to doing the work on their own and only wish to have a guideline.
My expertise is best suited to mission driven fashion, decor, and wellness start up’s and small businesses. But it’s also intended for graduating students, people going through career changes, and businesses focussed on sustainable design overall.
I’m very excited to get the word out, and get to work.


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