Nomadic Thread Society is a dedicated purveyor of exotic-minimal accents for lifestyle and home. Motivated by chronic wanderlust, we source and design traditional textiles and accessories with artisans and small producers around the world. Our collections originate in India, Turkey, Kenya, Tunisia, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Colombia and onwards. The stories woven into each piece stretch back centuries, while our eye for design and attention to sustainability ensure their use for years to come.


MISSION + FOUNDER, Nicole Gulotta

Nomadic Thread Society has been quite the trip.

It sprang from a sandy-footed, seaside chat with a fellow fashion pro on vacation in Tulum 2008. “How’d you get like that?” she asked, a tipsy question aimed at my chilled beach look, kaftan and artisan cloths flowing in the breeze, telling stories of far off lands.

A year later, I was a company, with a small collection of marvelous heritage textile accessories from India, Kenya, Mexico, UK – and Nomadic Thread Society was off on a 10+ year adventure. Smart lifestyle shops and of-the-moment retailers came knocking – Steven Allen, Malia Mills, Bird, Free People. Vogue, Remodelista, and Rachel Zoe noticed what I was doing. Signature sarong towels, alpaca blanket capes, handwoven ikat maxi-shirts, and eco sheepskin meditation cushions have made it into holiday gift lists and bohemian chic closets in NY, LA, Tokyo and beyond.

I gravitated towards conscious design and business practices from the start, digging into working with heritage textiles around the world. My design eye developed and collections that started as curations from existing exotic finery matured to reflect collaborative, original designs. Support of artisanship, fair trade, and sustainability became company ethos. Working from the heart, my business concept coincided with the emerging redirection of global fashion.

The every-hat-wearing aspect of running a small business taught me a ton, just as my passion for style and design turned more and more towards creative, social activism.

That brings us to 2020, and Nomadic Thread Society has pivoted at a fork in the road. What I care most about now is the empowerment of other women in creative, independent businesses – from artisans to entrepreneurs to established, mission driven brands. My ethical lifestyle fashion company is transforming into a consulting and teaching platform for small brands and designers starting out in the sustainable, artisan fashion sector, and for creative solopreneurs at large.

I’ll be posting what’s going on with this evolution in the Nomadic Thread Society Journal.

I am totally grateful for the joy produced by every beautiful textile I’ve laid eyes on and the satisfaction from every piece that put a smile on someone’s face. This next chapter will be ever more about the mission and perhaps a touch less about the product. Overall, this is the experience of a lifetime.

Please contact hello@nomadicthreadsociety.com to inquire about workshops, consulting, and teaching.

And take a peak at TheArtivistNest.org to hear about an entirely new labor of love.