Daily Archives: May 29, 2018

Inspired to share what I’ve learned over 9+ years

It makes me happy to think that I might be able to inspire and facilitate someone on the road to being an independent entrepreneur.. it really makes me smile.

I met a young marketing pro at a workshop recently and we’ve been in touch..

This is what I wrote to him today, a message that I might send to anyone who needs help with starting up in their dream work……

Hi Steve,

I’m not sure I shared my mission statement with you – seems like a good time to..

I’ve been honing the series of workshops for solopreneurs that I mentioned – best suited to mission driven fashion, decor, and wellness start up’s and small businesses. Also intended for graduating students, people going through career changes, and businesses focussed on sustainable design overall.
It’s all about getting real with what needs to be defined and done to operate an independent business of one or a few – best practices, financial spreadsheets, calendering, ETC !
The workshops are shaped as 5 weeks courses – one-on-ones, by video/phone.
This is very much what I would have wanted and needed at the different stages of my 10 year brand build – a committed mentor/teacher relationship. I feel a structured curriculum to get on track is the best way to start.
Next phase will likely be small groups in person – maybe 6 people at a time.
And webinars as well.
Business is Personal here's to your courage and perserverance I'm going to do my own thing