Daily Archives: May 4, 2018

A Solopreneur’s Mission Statement




Independent entrepreneurs and small businesses contribute to a healthier collective future, helping to curb mass production and consumption by placing more focus on authenticity and mindful process. 

I believe people who are allowed, encouraged and trained to do their own thing create a more contented world – and self-realized, fulfilled humans are a powerful thing. 

I recently had an aha moment around my own personal mission.
Having often longed for mentorship as an independent entrepreneur, I’m inspired to offer the very same support I have always desired myself.
To that end, I’ve created a consulting and mentoring practice consisting of a series of practical workshops. They’re written from the point of view of my own active experience, and certainly founded in the spirit of self-starting. 



I am an independent creative, making my own story daily. I’m compelled to live this way, always have been. I’ve conjured every bit of work I’ve ever had – from 20+ years as a freelance fashion and wardrobe stylist right out of college in NYC, to founding my own artisanal luxury lifestyle brand in 2009, Nomadic Thread Society, to creating Nomadic Consulting with a view to paying my experience forward. 

Manifesting every opportunity, contact, mentor, client, order, and gig “from scratch,” I turned my passion for self-expression into work, evolving it steadily along the way. The personal satisfaction that comes from doing my own thing is food for my soul. 



One-on-one and group workshops function as a sort of “business therapy.”  The very practical curriculums are designed for creative entrepreneurs at different stages of their endeavors: for those who are exploring what to do, those who are starting up, those who are digging in, and those who are ramping up. Custom consulting packages are also available for entrepreneurs seeking help with particular issues or structured support from a fellow founder.

The take aways are answers – a clearer business concept and identity, documents and tools to manage smooth operations, strategies to address challenges arising in your mission, an action plan for your business, pertinent resources and referrals, and a supportive, sounding-board relationship to return to.

My intention is to serve as a catalyst – to empower by example, to candidly share what I’ve learned from my mistakes, and to activate deliberate processes necessary for success.

Doing your own thing doesn’t have to mean going it alone.

Here’s to our courage and ultimate success.

~Nicole Gulotta